OneSheep is an agile team with global experience committed to developing technology solutions that enable you to reach more people for Christ.

We are missional

Mission is our heartbeat, our calling. We long to see the Great Commission fulfilled in this generation. Our missions experience and passion for the lost drive us to innovate, forge new techniques, create strategies that engage, enhancing the effectiveness of your mission.

We are technologists

We live and breathe technology. Our passion is to see it applied in a way that revolutionises how you do mission. Never stopping or ceasing until each pixel and line of code are delivering mission objectives and glorifying Christ.

We are collaborators

We stand together, shoulder to shoulder with people like you. We love building, fostering and igniting ministry partnerships. Working together on our common mission enables us all to reach further, faster and stronger, getting more done with what we have.

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Our focus is impacting the front line of missions through technology by designing and building tools and giving strategic guidance to organisations.

OneSheep is a small yet dedicated team: between us we have over 45 years’ experience in missions working across the globe. With this experience comes insight, understanding and a sensitivity that allows us to work alongside you, honing your vision and shaping technology tools that really deliver life-changing, eternal impact through your projects.

We are innovators at heart with passion for excellence and a love of partnerships that glorify God, crafting technology solutions that reach the lost.

Innovation has always been part of missions, yet we live in a time of unprecedented growth in communication tools and other disruptive technologies. The Body of Christ has extraordinary opportunity to deliver the Gospel and get the message out there. We exist to seize that opportunity, but more importantly, to be part of creating new ones - developing and deploying our own disruptive technology that revolutionises the mission field.

We believe all serious thinkers know it is through collaboration that we can attend to the serious things in our world. The Body of Christ has many different talents and abilities in many places, but together they act more powerfully as a united representation of Jesus. We bring some things, you bring different things, and others bring even more. Together, we can!

New technologies, changing cultures and limited resources require new ways of working and thinking. We're meeting the challenge.

We've established OneSheep as a new kind of charity, philosophically and literally! OneSheep is registered as Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), allowing us to serve and trade, give and receive and invest Kingdom resources for the Kingdom's profit, not our own. As a charity we understand the pressures and constraints of ministry organisations, yet we are free to collaborate and partner in deeper ways that return greater results. Above all we don't mind who gets the credit, as long as God gets all the glory.

Can technology really help your ministry project? Yes it can. Find out how.

Want more insight, have a specific project in mind or wondering how we could tailor technology to your specific situation? Get in touch and let's get talking!

Developer - Jannie Theunissen

Jannie Theunissen

Jannie probably wrote this bio in his code editor with a macro script counting the words and comparing it to the spec. However, he has a perfectly normal wife, two kids and a dog.

Mission - Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Aware of the value of our partners, adding bio’s was Mark’s idea. He is passionate about digital media & biblical truth creating great digital mission, and about marshmallow fish.

Designer - Sam Peckham

Sam Peckham

A strategic thinker, Sam knew exactly how short a bio should be. He drew up the spec and styled it. Outside work he can be found building Duplo, sometimes with his kids!

OneSheep Flock

The Flock

A network of organisations, wise industry folk and really talented chaps, The Flock is the power of collaboration at work as your project demands. We're expanding, join the network!

Do you have passion and talent


We love talent, highly value passion and calling too. Together, these combine to create work that glorifies the Lord. If you have skills that you could contribute, get in touch.

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Based in Worthing, UK and Cape Town, South Africa, working anywhere we're needed! If Skype or Email doesn't do it for you meet us face to face or pick up the phone.


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